BSM-160, (6.5") Midrange Device

BSM-160 is the flagship of the AVI mid devices. Exclusively designed to bring home the ultimate audio sound experience.  This driver can also be purchased as part of the BSM SERIES component set.

The most extraordinary characteristic of this device is it's ability to produce extremely warm sounds. To achieve its goal, this model is made of high-end parts such as: a 50 mm (2") aluminum ribbon voice coil, a 668 g (23.5 oz) magnet, and a white ceramic paper cone with composite rubber edge, just to name a few.

BSM-160 is designed for the ultimate performance sound system with a suggested operating range of 50 Hz to 4.5 KHz.


BSM-160 Specs


Operating Range50 Hz - 4.5 kHz
Music program material110 watts
AES Pink noise Rating70 watts
Sensitivity  dB SPL89 dB average, at 1 watt & 1 meter, in half space

Physical Data

Size mm (in.)160 mm (6.5")
ConeWhite Pearl coated paper cone with composite rubber edge
FrameBlack cast alluminum frame with cavity vents
Voice coil Ø  mm (in.)50 mm (2") alluminum ribon voice coil
Magnet 668 g (23.5 oz) magnet
Mounting Depth66 mm (2.6")

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