FRM-70, (2.5") Full Range Device

Serious disbelief was the first reaction from audiophiles with this little full range.

To date, nothing has emerged from the market that has the capability of high quality sound production from something this compact. It is arguably the most powerful 2.5" Full Range Device in the market (45 W RMS), thus making it a good center channel speaker. With a cast aluminum frame, 1" voice coil, and a neodymium magnet, The FRM-70 makes no compromises in quality. It is designed for very high performance sound systems.

The suggested operating range is 130 Hz to 25 KHz.

FRM-70 Specs


Operating Range130 Hz - 25 kHz
Music program material70 watts
AES Pink noise Rating45 watts
Sensitivity  dB SPL87 dB average, at 1 watt & 1 meter, in half space

Physical Data

Size mm (in.)70 mm (2.5")
ConeBlack paper cone with composite rubber edge
FrameBlack cast alluminum frame with cavity vents
Voice coil Ø  mm (in.)25 mm (1") copper voice coil
Magnet 21 g (0.74 oz) neodymium magnet
Mounting Depth34 mm (1.3")

Photo Gallery
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