LXD-160, (6.5") Midass Device

LXD-160 comes neck to neck in popularity compared with the MXD-1360. Over the years, it has gone through many redesigns and changes to achieve near perfection.

Probably one of the first midbass devices which used a massive 30 oz magnet .

LXD-160 is designed for very high performance sound systems with a suggested operating range of 73 Hz to 5 KHz.  It also comes as part of LX SERIES


LX 160 - Combo 3301.960

LXD-160 Specs


Operating Range73 Hz - 5 kHz
Music program material150 watts
AES Pink noise Rating100 watts
Sensitivity  dB SPL89 dB average, at 1 watt & 1 meter, in half space

Physical Data

Size mm (in.)160 mm (6.5")
ConeBlack PP Mica cone with composite rubber edge
FrameBlack cast aluminum frame with cavity vents
Voice coil Ø  mm (in.)50 mm (2") alumininum ribbon voice coil
Magnet 849 g (30 oz) magnet
Mounting Depth66 mm (2.6")

Photo Gallery

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