SS-250, (10") Subwoofer Driver

The intention of the SS-250 was to create a relatively affordable subwoofer that would still out-perform the average 10 or even 12 inch subwoofer out in the market.  The result was a "Best Buy" subwoofer in the car audio industry. 

A heavy duty cast aluminum frame with cavity vents, a 2" two layer heavy copper voice coil, a 1098 g (38.7 oz) magnet, and 24 K gold plated terminals are just some of the parts that go into this "entry level" subwoofer.  

It has a 400 W peak and are offered in either 4 or 8 ohms. Four 4 ohm subs can be bridged to 1 ohm to achieve a low frequency of just 16 Hz.  As well, three 8 ohm subs bridged to 2 ohm will allow for the sub to be used in a 0.4 cubic foot sealed enclosure.  The suggested operating range for this sub alone is 32 to 550 Hz.


Frequency response  Hz32Hz - 550 Hz
Max Power Handling 300 watts
RMS Power Handling 150 watts
Sensitivity  dB SPL88 dB average, at 1 watt & 1 meter, in half space

Physical Data

Size mm (in.)250 mm (10")
ConeBlack paper cone with composite rubber edge
FrameBlack cast alluminum frame with cavity vents
Voice coil Ø  mm (in.)50 mm (2") two layer heavy copper voice coil
Magnet1098 g (38.7 oz) magnet
Mounting Depth99 mm (3.9") mounting depth

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